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“Normal year for tonnage on my alfalfa we usually get 3-4 cuttings. I applied SumaGrow as per your recommendation. We took 5 cuttings off this year, which is almost unheard of in our part of the country.” —John H

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Grow Healthier Plants and A Lush Lawn Without Chemicals!

Discover a new way to nurture your plants and lawn with our organic, chemical-free product. We're an owner-operated company committed to making the environment safer and more beautiful.

With our specially formulated SumaGrow, you can boost your plants' growth and productivity without any adverse effects on the environment. Whether you're nurturing plants in the ground or hydroponically, our product is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Get Chemical-Free Lawn and Plant Care from An Environmentally Friendly Company!

We go above and beyond to service our customers, so they never have to worry about their lawns again. Our SumaGrow application is safe for pets and children, effectively eliminates grubs and pests that dig holes in your lawn, and helps you grow bigger, higher yielding vegetables.


Boost plant growth and productivity with our organic, chemical-free product

Enjoy peace of mind with no adverse effects on the environment

Use our product on anything that grows, in-ground of hydroponically

Get top-notch service from our owner-operated company

Safe for pets and children, our SumaGrow application eliminates pests and grubs

Grow bigger, higher yielding, pest-free vegetables

Achieve perfect lawns faster at the lowest price per square foot

Proudly made in the USA and OMRI-approved

Receive a FREE Soil Test and FREE First Application

with the Purchase of a 6 Treatment Program!

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